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3-port 2 ext. & 1int.FireWire PCI FireWire Adapter Card FireWire ExpressCard (VIA)
PCI FireWire Adapter Card
Our Price: $28.99
1394 3-Port PCI i/e RoHS compliant This 4 Port PCI 1394 FireWire Adapter Card can be installed in a PCI slot allowing you to connect any FireWire 400 device to your desktop computer. Guaranteed to work with either Mac or PC computers. Includes standard and low profile brackets. Easily add FireWire connectivity to ExpressCard equipped computers. Provides two FireWire ports (6-pin) & supports up to 63 devices Works with DV camcorders, hard disks, digital cameras, scanners, CD-Rw/DVD drives, video game systems, & other audio/video devices
ExpressCard 1394 FireWire Card PCI Express FireWire Card
PCI Express FireWire Card
Our Price: $82.99
2 Port ExpressCard FireWire Adapter Card The EC13942A2 (2 Port) ExpressCard Laptop 1394a Firewire Adapter Card provides a stable platform for virtually any FireWire 400 device connection. Includes a FireWire Cable. This 3 Port PCI Express FireWire adapter card lets you add two IEEE1394b (FireWire 800 9 pin) ports and one IEEE1394a (FireWire 400 6 pin) port through simple installation in a PCI Express slot.