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Interactive Ar Storybook W App Ocean Pets Ar Craft Kit W App Standard Kit
Standard Kit
Our Price: $36.00
Reading has never been more fun and engaging! With the use of Augmented Reality technology Pai Storybooks pair with a free app to create a unique interactive reading experience. Rich, detailed illustrations will come to life in 360-degree animations. Customize the characters in the story with special AR coloring cards. Encourages a love a reading and thoughtful stories teach positive lessons. Turn every space into your own virtual aquarium using augmented reality and special lightweight putty. Use mess-free putty to create your own fish, then scan them into your device and see your pet come to life with 3D Augmented Reality! Care for your pets while learning fun facts about the ocean and its inhabitants. The standard kit includes everything you need to get started with some more advanced Squishy Circuits projects that use LEDs, buzzers, and insulating dough! Contents: 1 - Battery Holder. 1 - Piezoelectric Buzzer. 25 - LEDs (5 each or Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue). 1 - 3.5oz Container of Insulating Dough. 3 - 3.5oz Containers of Conductive Dough (in Red, Green, and Blue).
Circuit Conductor Kit W App Augie Ar Coding Robot W App
Circuit conductor teaches children about electricity, currents and magnets through run, imaginative play! Use 12 different electrical function blocks and specially insulated wires to build fun circuits and learn about electricity through the free app. Scan circuits to view electrical flows in real-time, follow tutorials, play in-game puzzles to enhance problem-solving and critical thinking. Augie is the first premiere coding robot that is equipped with augmented reality technology. Developed to introduce children to coding language, Augie engages imagination and creativity while helping children further enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills..