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3ply Bags For Adm Models Pk10 2-pk. Replacement Pads Shark Flexible Hose Hv320
2-pk. Replacement Pads
Our Price: $15.49
Shark Flexible Hose Hv320
Our Price: $15.99
Metro Vac 3-ply Disposable Bags (pack of 10) that fits all Metro ADM models. 2-Pk. Microfiber Steam Pocket Replacement Pads for S3501 & S3601 Connect the Flexible Hose to the handheld portion of the vacuum to clean those hard-to-reach spaces in your home. This accessory is extremely flexible and has a long reach of 46 inches, which allows it to easily bend around tight corners. Attach the Crevice Tool or the Dusting Brush to the Flexible Hose to clean bookshelves, underneath furniture, behind the TV, and so much more...
Shampoo Brush 6inch 2pack Polishing Brush 6inch 2pack Scrubbing Brush 6inch 2pack
Shampoo Brush 6inch 2pack
Our Price: $16.99
This pack of two replacement brushes fit the Koblenz P-820A (model # 0060251) and P-2600A (model # 0020792) as well as most 6" carpet shampooers including Regina and Sears 6" models. The white polyethylene brushes with flow through design gently but thoroughly clean carpets without soaking. Plastic Hub. Use only on carpets. Cleaning concentrates availalbe number model # KITA. This pack of two replacement brushes fit the Koblenz P-620A (model # 0060269), P-820A (model # 0060251) and P-2600A (model # 0020792) as well as most 6" hard floor cleaners including Regina and Sears brands. The light brown Tampico bristles are ideal for plishing hardwood floors and irregular surfaces while improving the luster of most waxes by making a smoother, more durable coat... This pack of two replacement brushes fit the Koblenz P-620A (model # 0060269), P-820A (model # 0060251) and P-2600A (model # 0020792) as well as most 6" hard floor cleaners including Regina and Sears brands. The dark brown Tampico and Cocoa bristles remove imbedded dirt and grime on all hard floors, except wood. Do not use on Carpets. Use as a base for Koblenz pads. Plastic hub. Cleaning concentra
3' Hose- Mvc-178a H ProStrngth Clean Plus Solutn Symphony Steam Mop Pad Kit
3' Hose- Mvc-178a
Our Price: $19.99
MVC-178A - 3 ft. of flexible hose - fits the DataVac 500W electric blower, etc. - features Relief Valve, that allows you to control suction or blowing power. Works with following Metropolitan Vacuum models: AF-1PG, AF-2PG, AF-3PG, AFTD-1, AFTD-2, AFTD-3, DIDA-1, DIDA-2, DIDA-4, MDV-1, MDV-2, MDV-3, QD-1, SK-1 Hoover Pro Strength CleanPlus Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner removes the toughest stains and odors from your carpet and furniture. Its perfect for high traffic areas like living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Use it in any Hoover carpet cleaning machine. Steam Mop Pad Kit for Symphony All-In-One Vacuum and Steam Mop - Includes 2 pads - 1 microfiber scrubby pad for more durable surfaces and tough stains and 1 microfiber soft pad for delicate surfaces. You can machine wash your microfiber mop pads. Make sure not to use bleach or fabric softener and always let air dry..
Esd Micro Kit   Black Ec 64oz Carpet Detergnt 15to25gdrywallfilter Bags 2 Pk
Esd Micro Kit Black
Our Price: $21.34
Ec 64oz Carpet Detergnt
Our Price: $21.99
Atrix micro attachment cleaning kit that is ESD (Static) Safe. This 4-piece micro attachment cleaning kit includes: Tapered Hose Adapter, "Flex-Neck" Extension Wand, Micro Dusting Brush and Micro Crevice Tool. This ESD Safe accessory kit is compatible with the Atrix Express Series, Atrix Omega Plus Series, Atrix Omega Supreme Plus Series, Atrix High Capacity Series and 3M 497 Series vacuums. Black Powerful cleaner lifts dirt and removes allergens for our deepest, extreme clean. 15-25 gal High Efficiency Bags. Specially designed for pick-up of fine dust like drywall and cement dust or cold ashes, these high quality, disposable filter bags come in packages of two and fit 16-22 gallon vacs. 2-pack. Fits 16-22 Gallon Tanks.
Shark Foam Filter Kit Nv750 Shark Foam Filter Kit Hv300 Standard Filter Replacement Pk
Filter Replacements for the NV750 Series. Helps keep dust and allergy-causing agents from escaping back into the air Color White Filter replacements for the HV300 Series: HV300, HV300W, HV310. Helps keep dust and allergy-causing agents from escaping back into the air. Color White. Neato Standard Filter Replacement Pack (4). In general, we recommend you replace your filter every 3 months. Pack contains 4 replacement filters. A number of factors determine how often you should change your filter: How frequently you vacuum. The size of the area you are cleaning. How much dirt, debris and pet hair your robot picks up.
Microklen Microfiber 50 Pack Shark Microfiber Steam Pad Set Shark On Board Brush Holster
MicroKLeN Microfiber 50 pack of 12" x 12" ToWithels.. These ultra soft microfiber toWithels lift and trap dirt and moisture, leaving a clean, dry, polished surface. They are safe to USe on all surfaces around the home, car, RV, motorcycle, aircraft, or boat. The toWithels are environmentally beneficial in that they require little to no Withater, reducing Withaste. In addition, these microfiber toW Shark Microfiber Steam Mop Pads. 2-Pack Replacement Pads for S3101 & S3250. This handy holster lets you keep your second brushroll right on the vacuum so you can quickly and easily make the switch between hard floors and carpet. 1. Easily switch brushrolls while vacuuming on different surfaces around the home 2. Keep your second brushroll right on the vacuum 3. Light weight and portable 4. Easy-to-open holster.
Ultra Wet/dry Vacuum Wet Dry Autovac Microfiber Pads 2pk
Ultra Wet/dry Vacuum
Our Price: $24.08
Wet Dry Autovac
Our Price: $24.19
Microfiber Pads 2pk
Our Price: $24.38
Wet & Dry Ultra Vac with Air Inflator.. Picks up dirt, liquid, and debris; Inflates air mattresses; Three attachments included; 40 inch flexible hose; Washable 1 gallon bagless reservoir; Powerful 12.5 Amp, 93W motor; Plugs into 12V lighter socket with 14 ft. cord; For automobiles, RVs, boats, and camping. Wet/Dry AutoVac offers a low profile shape, a powerful 120W motor, and a bag-less reservoir that is perfect for cleaning up lifes messes. It can inflate pool toys Wet & Dry Vacuum Powerful 120W Motor 40 inch Hose Brush, Crevice, and Inflator Tools Included Replaceable Filter Inflates Pool Toys 9 Foot Power Cord 12 Volt DC Powered with the included nozzle too! Replacement Pads 2 pack (Fits all FS, MS and SI series)
Microfiber Pads 2pk Hepa 10pk Bags For Ahc1  White Broomy Dustpan Red Silver
Microfiber Pads 2pk
Our Price: $24.38
Broomy Dustpan Red Silver
Our Price: $24.80
Replacement Pads 2 pack (Fits all HD series) Atrix AHC-2 10-Pack Canister Vacuum Filter Bags for Model AHC-1 Broomy is a foldable broom and dustpan. Easily stores almost anywhere. Built-in handle makes it even more portable. Broom, Dustpan, Warrranty Card, Instructions. Plastics/Stainless Steel. Red/Silver.
Bissell Advfrmlacarpetcleaner Flat Pleated Filter Wd4 Wd5 H 2X ProPlus Carpet Solution
Bissell Advanced Formula Carpet Cleaner - Battles stubborn stains, tough odors, Scotchgard protection Karcher's WD Cartridge Filter - Flat Pleated Filter. Orange compatible with Karcher WD4, WD5 & WD5/P Wet & Dry Vacs. AH30051NF - The Hoover Pro Plus 120 oz. 2x detergent deep cleans and quickly removes stubborn everyday dirt and grime. It's ideal for use in high traffic areas. The Pro Plus is a professional strength carpet and upholstery solution that will remove those hard to eliminate stains and odors.
Ultrawebcartfilterforwetordry Carpet Replacement Pads Anti-allergen Plus Solution
Carpet Replacement Pads
Our Price: $25.31
Ultra Web Cartridge Filter 5X More efficient. Nanofibers make clean up a snap. Easy on/off design Designed to combat your toughest challenge, the Ultra-Web Cartridge Filter can be used for both wet and dry pick-up. Fits full size vacs. Does not fit Hang Up Vacs, 5 Gallon Contractor Portable, Floormaster Plus, All Around Plus, Heavy Duty Portable, 1x1 , BullDog Portable, Mighty Mini , Mini Hangup, Shark Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pads for use with ZZ500, ZZ550 & KD451T. Keep your home fresh and inviting with Hoover Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Solution, AH30341. It goes deep and quickly removes stubborn, everyday dirt and grime. The proprietary Hoover 2X carpet cleaner formula is useful against pollen, pet dander, grime and more. It works in a wide variety of different machines, helping you to enjoy a more sanitary house...