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Shampoo Brush 6inch 2pack Polishing Brush 6inch 2pack Scrubbing Brush 6inch 2pack
Shampoo Brush 6inch 2pack
Our Price: $16.99
This pack of two replacement brushes fit the Koblenz P-820A (model # 0060251) and P-2600A (model # 0020792) as well as most 6" carpet shampooers including Regina and Sears 6" models. The white polyethylene brushes with flow through design gently but thoroughly clean carpets without soaking. Plastic Hub. Use only on carpets. Cleaning concentrates availalbe number model # KITA. This pack of two replacement brushes fit the Koblenz P-620A (model # 0060269), P-820A (model # 0060251) and P-2600A (model # 0020792) as well as most 6" hard floor cleaners including Regina and Sears brands. The light brown Tampico bristles are ideal for plishing hardwood floors and irregular surfaces while improving the luster of most waxes by making a smoother, more durable coat... This pack of two replacement brushes fit the Koblenz P-620A (model # 0060269), P-820A (model # 0060251) and P-2600A (model # 0020792) as well as most 6" hard floor cleaners including Regina and Sears brands. The dark brown Tampico and Cocoa bristles remove imbedded dirt and grime on all hard floors, except wood. Do not use on Carpets. Use as a base for Koblenz pads. Plastic hub. Cleaning concentra
Deep Clean Febreze Formula Shark Microfiber Replace Pads2 3' Hose- MVC-178A
3' Hose- MVC-178A
Our Price: $19.99
BISSELL Deep Clean + Refresh with Febreze Freshness Formula removes deep down dirt and odors from carpet and upholstery. Freshen your carpet with the fresh scent of Linen & Sky. Safe for use in all upright carpet cleaning machines. Blue/Purple. 2-Pk. Microfiber Steam Pocket Replacement Pads for S3501 & S3601 MVC-178A - 3 ft. of flexible hose - fits the DataVac 500W electric blower, etc. - features Relief Valve, that allows you to control suction or blowing power. Works with following Metropolitan Vacuum models: AF-1PG, AF-2PG, AF-3PG, AFTD-1, AFTD-2, AFTD-3, DIDA-1, DIDA-2, DIDA-4, MDV-1, MDV-2, MDV-3, QD-1, SK-1
H EC 64oz Carpet Detergnt PowerFresh Mop Kit H 64oz. Expert Pet Carpet Clnr
H EC 64oz Carpet Detergnt
Our Price: $21.99
PowerFresh Mop Kit
Our Price: $21.99
Powerful cleaner lifts dirt and removes allergens for our deepest, extreme clean. PowerFresh Mop Kit: Pads (2) & Scent Discs (4) - Fights odor causing bacteria for a fresher and cleaner mop pad. Includes 4 Spring Breeze scented scent discs, 1 soft mop pad for everyday cleaning, and 1 soft microfiber mop pad with scrubbing strips for tough, stickier messes. The microfiber pads are washable and reusuable. 64oz. Expert Pet Carpet Clean powerful enzymes break down biological stains, dirt, and odor for a truly deep clean.
Featherweight Stick Vacuum UltraWeb Crtrdg Filter Wet Dry HV12KB Car Vacuum
HV12KB Car Vacuum
Our Price: $26.99
Quick clean-ups of virtually every surface in your home The Featherweight stick vacuum can be used on low pile carpets, area rugs and hard floors for quick clean-ups around the house. Since it's so lightweight, it's ideal for keeping on-hand in a nearby closet so you can use it anytime you notice some dirt on the floor.. Ultra Web Cartridge Filter 5X More efficient. Nanofibers make clean up a snap. Easy on/off design Designed to combat your toughest challenge, the Ultra-Web Cartridge Filter can be used for both wet and dry pick-up. Fits full size vacs. Does not fit Hang Up Vacs, 5 Gallon Contractor Portable, Floormaster Plus, All Around Plus, Heavy Duty Portable, 1x1 , BullDog Portable, Mighty Mini , Mini Hangup, This Koblenz 12V car vac comes with a crevice tool and 17' cord and is ideal for vacuuming in those hard to reach places. Plugs into the cigarette lighter and reaches all the way to the trunk.
H Magnesium HEPA Vacuum Bags H SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool Bd Compact Lith Hand Vac Wht
Oreck Magnesium HEPA Odor Fighting Vacuum Cleaner Bags are designed for use with the Oreck Magnesium Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Each package contains a total of six bags. These powerful Oreck vacuum cleaner bags feature a special HEPA inner bag that captures up to 99.97 percent of particles down to .3 microns in size. The filters include a layer of activated charcoal for effective odor removal.. Features Patented SpinScrub Technology Rotates for a gentle scrub Will not scratch hard floor surfaces Offers an effective option for any above-floor-cleaning Great for stairs, upholstery, or any type of spot cleaning Fits all Hoover SteamVac and Max Extract Extractor models that accept hose accessories The Black & Decker Compact Lithium Hand Vac is designed for quick and easy cordless cleaning. Its lithium technology allows for strong suction. The translucent, bag less dirt bowl makes it easy to see the dirt level and is easy to empty. A wall-mount charger keeps it out of the way between pick-ups. Included: charging wall mount and base which allows for 1 step charging and storage...
BD 12V Compact Auto Vac Sun Wet Dry Vac 2.6 Gal Green BD Cmpct Lith Hand Vac Kit Gry
BD 12V Compact Auto Vac
Our Price: $35.71
Black & Decker 12V Compact Auto Vac cleaner hard-to-reach places in your car with this hand vacuum, which features a 12V DC adapter that fits your vehicle's socket. The double-action filtration system offers enhanced cleaning performance. Versatile and easy to use for effective car cleaning. Convenient crevice tool and brush stored right on board. Ergonomic design for comfortable use... ONE TOOL FOR MULTIPLE MESSES! Spruce up your home, workshop and garage with the Sun Joe Electric Wet/Dry Vacuum! Full size shop vacs are cumbersome, so SUN JOE created a compact vac that's just the right size for minor messes and spills around the house or in the car, porch, pantry, garage, bathroom, basement or laundry room! Packed with 3.. The Black & Decker Compact Lithium Hand Vac is designed for quick and easy cordless cleaning. Its lithium technology allows for strong suction. The translucent, bag less dirt bowl makes it easy to see the dirt level and is easy to empty. The kit includes a crevice tool and upholstery brush which lets you use the vacuum on upholstery and for dusting around the house...
Koblenz 2.5Gal Wet Dry Vac Armor All Wet Dry Vac 2.5Gal Toner Replacement Bags Filters
The Koblenz 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum provides multipurpose efficiency. Use it to vacuum your car or clean up liquid spills. It effectively relieves plugged drains when the hose is inserted into the clogged area to remove blockages. Reverse the hose for use as an efficient blower in your yard or driveway. Filter bag for dry applications. Tools: 1... 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac with hose storage; blower function and powerful motor 10 ft. Cord with Cord Wrap Easily Converts to a Blower On-Board Accessory & Hose Storage Wet/Dry Pick up Auto Shut-Off Prevents Over Flow Built-In Air and Noise Diffuser Toner Replacement Bags and Filters (MDV-2, MDV-3 only), Includes Five (5) Special Toner Filter Disposable Bags and Two (2) Fiberglass Micro Filters.
VM Wet Dry Vacuum 5Gal 3HP Bd 7.2v Lith Ion Powered Swpr BD 12V Automotive DustBuster
5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac; 3Hp; Blower function and Hose storage Integrated Hose Storage 8' Cord with Cord Storage Easily Converts to Blower Storage on Casters & Power Head Large On/Off Dust Sealed Switch Quicker than a broom and dust pan, BLACK+DECKER powered sweepers make it a breeze to nix dust and dirt anywhere from under furniture to the kitchen floor. Super-lightweight, its powerful lithium-ion battery can tackle up to 60 minutes of pickups between charges. With an easy empty dustbin, you can keep hands clean too. Grey. The long, slim nozzle of the Black & Decker DustBuster puts convenient pick-up power where you need it. The 16 foot cable reaches all areas of the car, including the trunk and the12V DC adapter fits into cigarette lighter. Cable wraps around the base for tidy storage. With its Cyclonic Action, suction power stays stronger for longer. One step empty so hands don't touch the mess...
BD 12v Automotive Flex Vac BD 12v Automotive Pivot Hand BD Pet Next Gen Hand Vac Purpl
The Black & Decker BDH1200FVAV 12-volt Flexi Auto Vac features a unique integrated hose which allows you to reach all areas of your car where other hand Vacs cannot. The patented 'motor in the filter' technology allows the hand Vac to be ultra compact. It offers a long crevice tool for tight areas such as underneath and in between car seats... Black & Decker 12v Automotive Pivot Hand Vac has the features you need to keep your car's interior clean year round. It is versatile and easy to use for effective car cleaning. The 12 volt adapter fits into cigarette lighter for user convenience, with a 16 foot cable that allows you to reach all areas of your car... From the #1 Brand in hand vacuums. This hand vacuum comes with a motorized pet head that helps you pick up pet hair without it getting tangled in the brush. Lithium technology gives it powerful suction to help pick up even bigger messes like food and litter. Plus, its on-board crevice tool and push in brush give you a deeper level of clean..
VM Wet Dry Vac Camo 5Gal 3HP DD Pwr MAX Pet Upright Vacuum DD Pwr Swrve Cordlss Stick Vac
5 Gallon Camo Pattern Wet/Dry Vac; Stainless steel; 3Hp and Hose storage Game Trail Camo Pattern 12 ft. Cord with Cord Wrap On-Board Accessory Storage Dust-Sealed Switch Locking Hose Weather Resistant Construction The Power Max Pet is designed to tackle pet hair with power and ease. Our SPIN3PRO Premium Brushroll and No Loss of Suction tackle dirt, debris and pet hair on any floor type, while the 10ft of cleaning reach and tools make it easier than ever to clean your stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach areas.. Bring cordless power to any floor in your home. The Dirt Devil 16V Power Swerve cordless stick vacuum is perfect for any unexpected mess. It's cordless, lightweight and can easily be steered around furniture with minimal effort. Our premium SPIN3PRO brushroll is optimized to effectively clean both carpet and hard floors..